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December 29, 2018
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December 29, 2018

This tutorial will guide you through the setup instructions for an IPTV Android subscription. To be able to use your iptv playlist you will need to install a controller application. There are many apps to play IPTV on Android phone available in App Store.
Also it is up to you to choose between the paid for app or a free one.

However, Subscription iptv will suggest a few apps for you, but you can always use another android application:
Premium IPTV
Perfect Player IPTV

This tutorial is based on the free app called ‘GSE SMART IPTV’. This iptv android app support automatic live and VOD playlist including EPG and movie info. Also EPG XMLTV format (local and remote file support, xml, zip, gz formats)…

1 – Open your App Store and search for ‘GSE SMART IPTV PRO’, install and run the app.
2 – Select and open the settings menu and click on ‘REMOTE PLAYLISTS’.
3 – Before choosing ‘Add M3U URL’ option click into the ‘+’ button.
4 – Enter your subscription name into the ‘Playlist name’ field (Example:
5 – After, it’s better to clean all existing data and any spaces out of the Playlist Link field and enter your new playlist URL because you might face technical problems.
6 – Click on the ‘Add’ button, after on the ‘’ service provided by us from ‘Remote Playlists’ to start consequently watching your amazing shows.

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